El piso

The Lodge Lleida is located in Canonge Brugulat Street, a safe and quiet street very close to some of the campuses of the University of Lleida (3 minutes walk away from the Faculty of Arts, 10 minutes walk away from the Polytechnic School and the Faculty of Law, Economics & Tourism, and 12 minutes away from the Faculty of Education, Psychology & Social Work). We are also only five minutes away from Mayor Street —the main shopping area in town— and ten minutes away from Ricard Viñes Square area —where you can find most restaurants, coffee shops and nightclubs.

We are based in a residential building, so most of our neighbours are families and elderly people. The marble entrance hall is elegant, tasteful and spacious, and it was fully renovated in 2013. We are equipped with a lift and a CCTV camera which makes our apartment a rather safe place to be.

Our apartment is about 300 square meters and offers nine fully equipped bedrooms. All you need for your room is already there so you can travel as light as you wish! Every single room is different and they come in different shapes and sizes. We have four double-bed rooms and five single-bed rooms, and the price varies according to the size and characteristics of each room, ranging from 200 to 375 euros a month. (For more information visit our page The Rooms).

The rest of the apartment -reception area, aisles, bathrooms and toilet, living rooms, kitchen and terrace— is decorated in the distinctive style of The Lodge —if you don’t know what we’re talking about check our Instagram and/or Facebook accounts—, and ready to move in at any time of the year.

We have four bathrooms and one toilet. Each room is assigned a particular bathroom, in a way that every bathroom is only shared by 2 to 3 people. The one toilet is by the main living room and is reserved for guests and for that day when your flatmate seems to take forever in the shower.

We provide you with different socializing spaces, because we want to give you the opportunity to spend time with your flatmates without overcrowding one particular area of the apartment. That’s why we have two living rooms which come completely furnished. Our entrance living room is super cozy and it is just the place to be if you’re having a chat with your mates —also, there’s a space for you to park your bike—, whereas our main living room & dining room is the right place for your meals and general hang-outs —believe me, once you’ve sat on our new couch you won’t want to seat anywhere else.

Our kitchen is also completely decorated and it comes with an electric stove and a double door refrigerator and freezer, a toaster, an electric kettle, a blender and all the rest of kitchenware that you may need, including cutlery, pans, pots and other kitchen utensils. We have tons of cabinets and a pantry, so you’ll never run out of storage space.