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Got questions? We answer

We solve your frequently asked questions so you can get your hassle-free Lleida experience started!


Can I view the property before making a reservation?

Of course! We encourage arranging a viewing if you already happen to be in town. To do so please contact us via e-mail or any of our official platforms and we’ll get back to you promptly to find a convenient time for you and one of our agents. If you are abroad, booking online is the quickest and easiest way to book your accommodation with us.

How do I make my reservation?

If you have decided to join us, the first thing to do is to fill out the booking form you’ll find on our website. After that, we’ll send you a more thorough registration form which must be completed for us to block your desired room and send you the payment information. You’ll have five full working days to complete the security deposit payment, otherwise we reserve the right to give your room away.

What is the security deposit?

To complete your reservation, you must pay a security deposit, which is equivalent to a monthly fee. The security deposit is a guarantee in case of damage and it will be fully refunded at the end of your stay after the room is left in perfect condition.

Can I cancel the reservation after making a payment?

You can cancel your reservation up to one month before the booked arrival date without any sort of penalty fee. If you need to cancel your reservation after that, a penalty fee of 150 euros will apply, which will be deducted from the security deposit payment. We will refund the rest of the deposit money via bank transfer to the account of your preference. It’s important to notice that you’ll have to take care of any commissions the bank may apply.

Moving in

How should I collect my keys?

We offer several alternatives: we can come pick you up at the airport and take you to Lleida for a fixed rate fare; we can pick you up at the Lleida train or bus station and take you to the apartment for a small fare; or you can make your own arrangements to meet directly in front of the apartment to show you around, sign the lease and complete the first monthly payment before we give you your set of keys.

When and how much will my first payment be?

You’ll have to pay for the current monthly fee on the day of your arrival. If you arrive between the 1st and the 15th, you’ll have to pay for the whole month. If you arrive after the 15th, you’ll only be paying for half a month. However, the months of September and January will always be paid in full, regardless of the day of arrival.

What equipment will I find in the apartment?

Our student apartments are fully equipped to make you feel at home. Each room comes with two sets of sheets and towels, a pillow and a duvet in winter time. The kitchen is also equipped to detail so everything is there right when you need it. In short, you just have to worry about bringing your clothes and personal belongings. We take care of the rest!

What happens if I can’t arrive at the arranged time?

We understand that life is difficult sometimes (visas don’t arrive on time, planes get delayed, etc.) We strongly recommend that you keep us updated about your travelling plans, especially if you have arranged an airport pick-up. Bear in mind that if you don’t let us know about any possible delays in advance we reserve the right to deduct a penalty fee from your security deposit.

Life at The Lodge

How do I pay my monthly rent?

You must pay your monthly rent between the 1st and the 5th of every month via bank transfer or in cash. On the day of your arrival we will ask you to let us know your preferred method of payment. Remember that all transfers must contain the name and the last name of the tenant and that you must take care of any commissions that the bank may apply. We also recommend to print a copy of the transaction to avoid any misunderstandings.

What are the rules of co-habitation at The Lodge Lleida?

We’ve established some internal rules of mandatory compliance to promote a smooth and peaceful cohabitation. Check them out here.

Who will my flatmates be?

The people who live in our apartment are undergraduate or postgraduate students, interns or young professionals from all over the world, including some locals. If you wish to know more about their ages, nationalities and fields of study we can let you know, although keep in mind that we are not allowed to disclose names and last names.

Can I have visitors?

You can invite guests over to the apartment, always with the permission of your flatmates, but bear in mind that we are located in a residential building and that no noise is allowed after 11 pm to avoid conflicts with fellow flatmates and neighbours. If some friends or family wish to come visit you and they want to stay with us, you need to let us know in advance so we can make the appropriate arrangements, such as providing extra sheets and towels or even a room if there happens to be availability. A fee per night per person will apply.

What if there is a problem in the apartment?

Our maintenance staff is responsible for solving large or small incidents that may occur within a reasonable period of time. We only ask you to notify whatever malfunction you may encounter to the emergency number provided so we can take the appropriate action to get it fixed. If the damage is due to a misuse of the facilities, then the responsible student must assume the cost of the repair.

Who is in charge of the cleaning?

Our cleaning staff is responsible for cleaning the apartment twice a week, usually on Mondays and Thursdays in the morning. You will be responsible for cleaning after yourself, which means washing any dishes or other kitchen utensils you may use; leaving the different areas of the flat in the condition in which you would like to find them (especially the kitchen and bathrooms); and taking care of the washing of your sheets, towels and laundry in general, for which you have a washing machine and a dryer at your disposal at no additional cost.

Moving out

What should I do on the day of the departure?

We ask you to depart by 12 pm so we have time to arrange the room for the new tenant. If you have to leave the apartment after that time let us know and we will discuss some possible solutions to authorise a late check-out.

What happens if I need to leave ahead of schedule?

If for any reason you need to leave the apartment before the end of your lease, you will lose the amount of the deposit. Exceptionally, if you give us at least one month’s notice, we will deduct a 150 euros penalty from the deposit but we will transfer the remaining amount to a bank account of your choice.

What happens if I want to stay longer?

If for any reason you need/want to leave the apartment after the end of your lease you should talk to one of our agents, who will advise you on how to proceed next.

When and how will I get my security deposit back?

The deposit will be transferred to a bank account of your choice within a maximum of 21 days after your departure, once we’ve checked no damage has been done and the room is in perfect condition. We will charge a penalty of 50 euros if the keys are lost or if the room is not presentable.